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Finest Side Table for Every Bedroom

Side tables, often referred to as nightstands or end tables, are essential companions to complete the look and functionality of bedroom sets. A bed without a side table appears incomplete, lacking the touch of class and practicality it brings. 

At Renome, we offer an exquisite collection of side tables available for online purchase, contributing to the ever-growing trend of online furniture sales.

Nightstands: Your Bed’s Perfect Companion

Nightstands are rightly named for being the best companions during the night. They add a layer of sophistication to your bedroom and offer practical storage for nighttime essentials. 

Explore our online store to find a diverse range of side tables, also known as end tables, suitable for both traditional and modern decor styles. Whether placed beside a bed or a sofa, our metallic end tables showcase sleek and minimal designs, adding a touch of excellence to any space.

Explore a Variety of Side Table Designs

1. Contemporary Side Tables

Renome’s contemporary side tables are a top choice among our customers. These tables feature various styles and designs crafted from the finest wood, ensuring an unparalleled sense of style that complements your bed perfectly.

2. Wall-Mounted Side Tables

For a unique vibe, consider our wall-mounted side tables. These tables not only offer a tabletop for essentials but also provide storage compartments, maintaining a compact appearance that sets them apart.

3. Designer Side Tables

Indulge in the latest trends with our designer side tables. Featuring intricate designs and exquisite hues, these tables bring unparalleled aesthetic appeal to your home. 

While they may come with a higher price tag, their sturdiness and attractiveness make them a worthwhile investment for unmatched beauty indoors.

4. Wooden Side Tables

Add a touch of classic or mid-century modern style to your living room with our wooden side tables. Crafted from top-quality Sheesham and mahogany, these tables bring natural and sturdy elements to your space, enhancing its overall appeal.

5. Office Side Tables

Our office side tables are designed to meet basic storage requirements in your workspace. Sometimes termed office pedestals, these side tables come with multiple drawers to keep necessary office files organized.

6. Sofa Side Tables

Perfect for keeping your drinks and snacks within reach, our sofa side tables, also known as end tables, offer a convenient spot next to your sofa. Some designs can even rest on the arm of the couch, providing space for items like TV remotes, popcorn, and more.

Common Side Table Shapes

  • Round: Popular for a touch of classical furniture.
  • Square: Crafted for a vintage vibe.
  • Rectangle: The most common shape found in bedrooms.
  • Triangle: An unconventional choice for a modern look.
  • Freeform: Irregular shapes for a trendy and modern vibe.
  • Oval: Adds a final touch of beauty to any space.
  • Half-circle: Ideal for an artisanal appearance.

Explore Renome’s exquisite side tables to elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your bedroom. Each piece in our collection is a testament to quality craftsmanship, offering you a diverse range of styles and designs to suit your unique preferences. Upgrade your bedroom with Renome’s side tables, where elegance meets functionality in every detail.