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Wedding Furniture Packages 

Renome is a leading furniture store renowned for its classy, elegant, comfortable furniture that enhances the aesthetics and value of any space and ambiance.

Introducing to Renome’s Perfect wedding furniture packages at best price in Pakistan: 

  1. Dream Package
  2. Economy Package 
  3. Premium Package

1. The Dream Package

Dream wedding furniture Package is the peak of luxury and elegance, carefully designed to transform your wedding and future life into a realm of attraction. Dream package is ideal for those who desire a wedding that is nothing less than a masterpiece.

Furniture Highlights

  1. Double bed with sidetables
  2. Dressing Table
  3. Sofa Chair
  4. Sofa Set
  5. Center Table
  6. Dinning Table
  7. TV Console

Your wedding day marks the beginning of a new chapter in your life, and what better way to celebrate it than by resting on the lap of luxury?

The Dream Package features a luxurious Double bed with sidetables set that offers both comfort and artistic elegance. Crafted from premium materials. It’s also an ideal choice for parents seeking the best and most comfortable option for their children.

The seating options like Sofa Chair, Sofa Set  included in the Dream Package are lavish. The sofa set included in this package is a conversation starter and gives the atmosphere an extra touch of elegance.

This dining table becomes a precious item that ties the threads of love and memories into the fabric of your lifelong journey together after the wedding. 

It changes from the scene of your first supper together as husband and wife to a timeless symbol of the many shared meals, conversations, and special moments that will fill your home for years to come. 

Benifits of having Dream Package Renome furniture

  1. Personalized Consultation: Renome believes in bringing your dreams to life. With the Dream Package, you’ll receive a personalized consultation to choose fabrics, colors, and designs that resonate with your vision.
  2. On-site Setup: Renome’s skilled team takes care of setting up the furniture on-site, ensuring that every piece is perfectly placed to create a seamless and breathtaking environment.
  3. Customization: The Dream Package allows for customization, ensuring that every detail complements your theme and preferences.

2. The Economy Package

Elegance meets affordability with Renome’s Economy Package. 

Economy wedding furniture package is designed for families who seek perfection, classiness, and comfort without compromising on their budget. 

Furniture Highlights:

  1. Double Bed with sidetable
  2. Dressing Table
  3. Chair Set
  4. Sofa Set
  5. Center Table

The furniture options included in the Economy Package perfectly capture the spirit of elegance. The Double Bed with sidetable set is an eye-catching piece that offers comfort and style.

You deserve seating that is both classy and comfortable. The Economy Package includes a carefully designed sofa set and chair set that creates an inviting space for conversation

The Economy wedding furniture Package offers a charming Center Table  that not only enhance your wedding ambiance but also lay the foundation for a lifetime of cherished meals and gatherings.

Benifits of Econoy furniture set of Renome:

  1. Cost-Effective: Renome knows that weddings can be expensive. The Economy Package guarantees that you will receive high-quality furniture at a reasonable price.
  2. Professional Assistance: Renome’s team of experts provides professional guidance to help you choose furniture that aligns with your theme and preferences.
  3. Efficient Delivery: The importance of on-time delivery and setup cannot be underestimated. The Economy Package ensures efficient services.

3. The Premium Package

The Renome wedding furniture Premium Package denotes long-lasting luxury for people seeking everlasting quality. This premium package is designed for couples who want a wedding that not only exceeds the ordinary but also lasts a lifetime of cherished memories.

Furniture Highlights:

  1. Double Bed with side table
  2. Dressing Table
  3. Chair Set
  4. Sofa Set
  5. Center Table
  6. Dinning Table

The Premium Package includes a Double Bed with sidetable set that is nothing short of extraordinary. This bed, with its delicate workmanship and high-quality materials, is the ideal setting for your beautiful moments of present and future.

The Premium Package includes a dining table and chairs and much more that exemplifies luxury, ensuring not only a regal dining experience for your guests on your wedding day, but also a valued piece that will grace your house for a lifetime.

Benefits of Renome’s Premium furniture set

  1. Exclusive Design Selection: The Premium wedding furniture Package grants you access to Renome’s most exclusive design collection, allowing you to select from a variety of luxurious pieces.
  2. Dedicated Support:  Renome assigns a specialized support team to help you through the selection, customization, and setup phases, assuring a smooth experience.
  3. Luxury Unleashed: The Premium Package wastes no expense. Experience the heights of luxury and classy for the present and future.

Renome vs Other Brands: A Comparisn


Other Brands

Affordable Elegance

The Economy Package provides stylish furniture at an affordable price, so you can experience quality and luxury within your budget.

Quality Compromised

Opting for lower-quality alternatives may lead to wear and tear issues that impact both appearance and comfort on your big day.

Effortless Setup

Renome ensures professional and timely delivery and setup in services, guaranteeing flawlessly arranged furniture.

Future Regret

Skipping Renome could lead to post-wedding regret upon seeing the elegance in other weddings.

Versatile Choices

From bed sets to cozy seating arrangements and elegant dining setups, Renome’s packages offer a wide range of options.

Exclusive Appeal Lost

The unique designs in Renome’s packages might not be found elsewhere, losing the chance for something truly special.


Your wedding day is a canvas waiting to be painted with memories that will last a lifetime. Renome’s exceptional wedding furniture packages

  1. Dream Package, 
  2. Economy Package 
  3. Premium Package

offer a range of choices that cater to your preferences, budget, and dreams. 

From bed sets to sophisticated seating arrangements and dining setups, Renome ensures that your wedding ambiance is nothing short of magical. Choose a package that resonates with your vision, and let Renome transform your wedding day into a masterpiece of elegance and beauty.